August 11th All Events

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August 11th, 2492 (August 11 2492)EventTraditional date of the defeat of Bel by Hayk, progenitor and founder of the Armenian nation.
August 11th, 2006 (August 11 2006)DeathMike Douglas, American singer and talk show host (born in 1925)
August 11th, 2005 (August 11 2005)DeathJames Booth, English actor (born in 1927)
August 11th, 2003 (August 11 2003)EventNATO takes over command of the peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, marking its first major operation outside Europe in its 54-year-history.
August 11th, 2003 (August 11 2003)EventJemaah Islamiyah leader Riduan Isamuddin, better known as Hambali, is arrested in Bangkok, Thailand.
August 11th, 2003 (August 11 2003)EventA heat wave in Paris resulted in temperatures rising to 112F (44 C), leaving about 144 people dead.
August 11th, 2003 (August 11 2003)DeathArmand Borel, Swiss mathematician (born in 1923)
August 11th, 2003 (August 11 2003)DeathHerb Brooks, American ice hockey coach (born in 1937)
August 11th, 2002 (August 11 2002)DeathGalen Rowell, American photographer and mountain climber (born in 1940)
August 11th, 2001 (August 11 2001)DeathPercy Stallard, English racing cyclist (born in 1909)
August 11th, 2000 (August 11 2000)DeathJean Papineau-Couture, Canadian composer (born in 1916)
August 11th, 1999 (August 11 1999)EventThe exceptional Salt Lake City Tornado tears through the downtown district of the city, killing one.
August 11th, 1996 (August 11 1996)DeathRafael Kubelik, Czech-born conductor and composer (born in 1914)
August 11th, 1996 (August 11 1996)DeathMel Taylor, American drummer (The Ventures) (born in 1933)
August 11th, 1995 (August 11 1995)DeathPhil Harris, American singer and comedian (born in 1904)
August 11th, 1994 (August 11 1994)DeathPeter Cushing, British actor (born in 1913)
August 11th, 1993 (August 11 1993)BirthAlyson Stoner, American actress
August 11th, 1992 (August 11 1992)BirthAllison Lozano, Mexican actress
August 11th, 1991 (August 11 1991)DeathJ. D. McDuffie, American NASCAR driver (born in 1939)
August 11th, 1988 (August 11 1988)BirthPatrick Mills, Australian basketball player
August 11th, 1988 (August 11 1988)DeathAnne Ramsey, American actress (born in 1929)
August 11th, 1985 (August 11 1985)BirthGrace Adams-Short, British reality television contestant
August 11th, 1984 (August 11 1984)BirthMelky Cabrera, Dominican baseball player
August 11th, 1984 (August 11 1984)BirthKatie Rees, American Miss Nevada USA
August 11th, 1984 (August 11 1984)BirthLucas Di Grassi, Brazilian racing driver
August 11th, 1984 (August 11 1984)DeathAlfred A. Knopf, American publisher (born in 1892)
August 11th, 1984 (August 11 1984)DeathPaul Felix Schmidt, Estonian-German chess player (born in 1916)Paul Schmidt Quotes
August 11th, 1982 (August 11 1982)BirthAlan Halsall, British actor
August 11th, 1982 (August 11 1982)DeathTom Drake, American actor (born in 1918)
August 11th, 1981 (August 11 1981)BirthSandi Thom, Scottish born singer
August 11th, 1981 (August 11 1981)BirthFiona Sit, Hong Kong singer and actress
August 11th, 1980 (August 11 1980)BirthLee Suggs, American football player
August 11th, 1980 (August 11 1980)DeathPaul Robert, French lexicographer and publisher (born in 1910)
August 11th, 1978 (August 11 1978)BirthJermain Taylor, American boxer
August 11th, 1978 (August 11 1978)BirthAmber Brkich, American reality television personality
August 11th, 1976 (August 11 1976)BirthBen Gibbard, American musician (Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service)
August 11th, 1976 (August 11 1976)BirthLubomir Visnovsky, Slovak ice hockey player
August 11th, 1976 (August 11 1976)BirthBubba Crosby, American baseball player
August 11th, 1976 (August 11 1976)BirthErick Lindgren, American poker player
August 11th, 1975 (August 11 1975)EventEast Timor: Governor Mario Lemos Pires of Portuguese Timor abandons the capital Dili, following a coup by the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT) and the outbreak of civil war between UDT and Fretilin.
August 11th, 1975 (August 11 1975)BirthDavey von Bohlen, American musician, (The Promise Ring, Maritime)
August 11th, 1975 (August 11 1975)BirthRonald Clarke, American musician and founder of aliennetwork Records
August 11th, 1974 (August 11 1974)BirthAudrey Mestre, French diver
August 11th, 1974 (August 11 1974)BirthWill Friedle, American actor
August 11th, 1974 (August 11 1974)BirthHadiqa Kiyani, Pakistani pop star
August 11th, 1974 (August 11 1974)BirthMarie-France Dubreuil, French Canadian figure skater
August 11th, 1974 (August 11 1974)DeathVicente Emilio Sojo, Venezuelan musician.
August 11th, 1974 (August 11 1974)DeathJan Tschichold, German typographer (born in 1902)
August 11th, 1973 (August 11 1973)BirthNigel Harman, British actor
August 11th, 1972 (August 11 1972)EventVietnam War: The last United States ground combat unit depart South Vietnam.
August 11th, 1972 (August 11 1972)BirthJonathon Prandi, American model
August 11th, 1972 (August 11 1972)DeathMax Theiler, South African virologist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1899)
August 11th, 1971 (August 11 1971)BirthTommy Mooney, English football player
August 11th, 1971 (August 11 1971)BirthAlejandra Barros, Mexican actress
August 11th, 1970 (August 11 1970)BirthAndy Bell, English musician (Ride, Hurricane #1, Oasis)
August 11th, 1969 (August 11 1969)BirthJonah Matranga, American singer
August 11th, 1969 (August 11 1969)BirthAshley Jensen, Scottish actress
August 11th, 1968 (August 11 1968)EventThe last steam passenger train service runs in Britain. A selection of British Rail steam locomotives make the 120-mile journey from Liverpool to Carlisle and returns to Liverpool before having their fires dropped for the last timethis working was known as the Fifteen Guinea Special.
August 11th, 1968 (August 11 1968)BirthLorenzo Bernardi, Italian volleyball player
August 11th, 1968 (August 11 1968)BirthCharlie Sexton, American musician
August 11th, 1968 (August 11 1968)BirthAlan Kelly, England-born Irish footballer
August 11th, 1968 (August 11 1968)BirthVeda Hille, Canadian singer
August 11th, 1968 (August 11 1968)BirthPrincess Mabel of Orange-Nassau
August 11th, 1967 (August 11 1967)BirthEnrique Bunbury, Spanish singer
August 11th, 1967 (August 11 1967)BirthCollin Chou, Taiwanese actor
August 11th, 1967 (August 11 1967)BirthJoe Rogan, American television host
August 11th, 1966 (August 11 1966)BirthNigel Martyn, English footballer
August 11th, 1966 (August 11 1966)BirthEmbeth Davidtz, American actress
August 11th, 1965 (August 11 1965)EventRace riots (the Watts riots) begin in Watts area of Los Angeles, California.
August 11th, 1965 (August 11 1965)BirthMarc Bergevin, Canadian professional ice hockey player
August 11th, 1965 (August 11 1965)BirthShinji Mikami, video game designer
August 11th, 1965 (August 11 1965)BirthViola Davis, American actress
August 11th, 1964 (August 11 1964)BirthJim Lee, Korean-born comic book artist
August 11th, 1964 (August 11 1964)BirthMiguel A. Nunez Jr., American actor
August 11th, 1963 (August 11 1963)BirthHiromi Makihara, Japanese baseball player
August 11th, 1961 (August 11 1961)DeathAntanas Skema, Lithuanian writer actor and director (born in 1910)
August 11th, 1960 (August 11 1960)EventChad declares independence.
August 11th, 1959 (August 11 1959)BirthGustavo Cerati, Argentinian musician (Soda Stereo)
August 11th, 1959 (August 11 1959)BirthYoshiaki Murakami, Japanese investor
August 11th, 1957 (August 11 1957)BirthRichie Ramone, American musician (The Ramones)
August 11th, 1957 (August 11 1957)BirthIan Stuart Donaldson, British singer (Skrewdriver)
August 11th, 1956 (August 11 1956)BirthPierre-Louis Lions, French mathematician
August 11th, 1956 (August 11 1956)DeathJackson Pollock, American artist (born in 1912)Jackson Pollock Quotes
August 11th, 1955 (August 11 1955)BirthSylvia Hermon, British politician
August 11th, 1955 (August 11 1955)BirthMarc Bureau, French Canadian politician
August 11th, 1954 (August 11 1954)BirthJoe Jackson, English singer
August 11th, 1954 (August 11 1954)BirthJuan Maria Solare, Argentine composer
August 11th, 1953 (August 11 1953)BirthHulk Hogan, American professional wrestler
August 11th, 1953 (August 11 1953)DeathTazio Nuvolari, Italian race car driver (born in 1892)
August 11th, 1952 (August 11 1952)EventHussein proclaimed king of Jordan
August 11th, 1952 (August 11 1952)BirthBob Mothersbaugh, AKA Bob 1, American Musician (DEVO) Devo Quotes
August 11th, 1951 (August 11 1951)BirthVincent Bilodeau, Quebec actor and comedian
August 11th, 1950 (August 11 1950)BirthErik Brann, American musician (died in 2003)
August 11th, 1950 (August 11 1950)BirthGennidy Nikonov, Russian weapons inventor
August 11th, 1950 (August 11 1950)BirthSteve Wozniak, American computer pioneerSteve Wozniak Quotes
August 11th, 1949 (August 11 1949)BirthEric Carmen, American musician
August 11th, 1948 (August 11 1948)BirthJan Palach, Czechoslovakian student protester
August 11th, 1947 (August 11 1947)BirthGeorgios Karatzaferis, Greek politician
August 11th, 1946 (August 11 1946)BirthMarilyn vos Savant, American newspaper columnist
August 11th, 1946 (August 11 1946)BirthJohn Conlee, American country music singer
August 11th, 1944 (August 11 1944)BirthIan McDiarmid, Scottish actor
August 11th, 1944 (August 11 1944)BirthFred Smith, American entrepreneur
August 11th, 1943 (August 11 1943)BirthAbigail Folger, American heiress and Manson murder victim (died in 1969)
August 11th, 1943 (August 11 1943)BirthStefania Toczyska, Polish mezzo-soprano
August 11th, 1943 (August 11 1943)BirthPervez Musharraf, Pakistani politician
August 11th, 1942 (August 11 1942)BirthMike Hugg, British musician (Manfred Mann)
August 11th, 1939 (August 11 1939)BirthRonnie Dawson, American rockabilly performer (died in 2003)
August 11th, 1939 (August 11 1939)DeathJean Bugatti, Italian automobile designer (born in 1909)
August 11th, 1938 (August 11 1938)BirthBranko Stanovnik, Slovenian chemist
August 11th, 1937 (August 11 1937)DeathEdith Wharton, American author (born in 1862)Edith Wharton Quotes
August 11th, 1936 (August 11 1936)BirthAndre Dubus, American short-story writer (died in 1999)
August 11th, 1936 (August 11 1936)DeathBlas Infante, Spanish writer and politician (born in 1885)
August 11th, 1934 (August 11 1934)EventFederal prison opened at Alcatraz Island.
August 11th, 1933 (August 11 1933)BirthJerry Falwell, American preacher (died in 2007)
August 11th, 1932 (August 11 1932)BirthFernando Arrabal, Spanish writer
August 11th, 1932 (August 11 1932)BirthIsrael Asper, Canadian tax lawyer (died in 2003)
August 11th, 1932 (August 11 1932)BirthJohn Gorrie, English director
August 11th, 1929 (August 11 1929)EventBabe Ruth becomes the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs in his career with a home run at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio.Babe Ruth Quotes
August 11th, 1928 (August 11 1928)BirthArlene Dahl, American actress
August 11th, 1926 (August 11 1926)BirthAaron Klug, Lithuanian-born chemist, Nobel Prize Laureate
August 11th, 1926 (August 11 1926)BirthClaus von Bulow, Danish-born British socialite
August 11th, 1925 (August 11 1925)BirthMike Douglas, American entertainer (died in 2006)
August 11th, 1925 (August 11 1925)BirthFloyd Curry, National Hockey League player (died in 2006)
August 11th, 1923 (August 11 1923)BirthStan Chambers, American television reporter
August 11th, 1921 (August 11 1921)BirthAlex Haley, American historian (died in 1992)Alex Haley Quotes
August 11th, 1920 (August 11 1920)EventThe Latvia-Bolshevist Russia peace treaty, which relinquished Russia s authority and pretenses to Latvia, is signed.
August 11th, 1920 (August 11 1920)BirthChuck Rayner, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 2002)Chuck D Quotes
August 11th, 1919 (August 11 1919)EventConstitution of Weimar Republic adopted
August 11th, 1919 (August 11 1919)BirthGinette Neveu, French violinist (died in 1949)
August 11th, 1919 (August 11 1919)DeathAndrew Carnegie, Scottish-born industrialist and philanthropist (born in 1835)Andrew Carnegie Quotes
August 11th, 1918 (August 11 1918)EventWorld WarBattle of Amiens ends
August 11th, 1916 (August 11 1916)BirthJohnny Claes, Belgian racing driver (died in 1956)
August 11th, 1914 (August 11 1914)BirthJose Silva, American parapsychologist (died in 1999)
August 11th, 1913 (August 11 1913)BirthAngus Wilson, British novelist (died in 1991)
August 11th, 1913 (August 11 1913)BirthPaul Dupuis, French Canadian actor (died in 1976)
August 11th, 1913 (August 11 1913)BirthBob Scheffing, American professional baseball player and manager (died in 1985)
August 11th, 1912 (August 11 1912)BirthEva Ahnert-Rohlfs, German astronomer (died in 1954)
August 11th, 1912 (August 11 1912)BirthThanom Kittikachorn, Prime Minister of Thailand (died in 2004)
August 11th, 1907 (August 11 1907)BirthTed a Beckett, Australian cricketer (died in 1989)
August 11th, 1905 (August 11 1905)BirthErwin Chargaff, Austrian biochemist (died in 2002)
August 11th, 1903 (August 11 1903)DeathEugenio Maria de Hostos, Puerto Rican educator and nationalist (born in 1839)
August 11th, 1902 (August 11 1902)BirthAlfredo Binda, Italian cyclist (died in 1986)
August 11th, 1902 (August 11 1902)BirthLloyd Nolan, American actor (died in 1985)
August 11th, 1900 (August 11 1900)BirthPhilip Phillips, American archaeologist (died in 1994)
August 11th, 1898 (August 11 1898)EventSpanish-American War: American troops enter the city of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.
August 11th, 1897 (August 11 1897)BirthLouise Bogan, American poet (died in 1970)
August 11th, 1897 (August 11 1897)BirthEnid Blyton, English author (died in 1968)
August 11th, 1892 (August 11 1892)BirthEiji Yoshikawa, Japanese novelist (died in 1962)
August 11th, 1892 (August 11 1892)BirthHugh MacDiarmid, Scottish poet (died in 1978)Hugh MacDiarmid Quotes
August 11th, 1892 (August 11 1892)DeathEnrico Betti, Italian mathematician (born in 1813)
August 11th, 1890 (August 11 1890)DeathJohn Henry Cardinal Newman, English Catholic cardinal (born in 1801)John Henry Cardinal Newman Quotes
August 11th, 1886 (August 11 1886)DeathLydia Koidula, Estonian poet (born in 1843)
August 11th, 1877 (August 11 1877)BirthAdolph M. Christianson, justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court (d.1954)
August 11th, 1872 (August 11 1872)BirthShidehara Kijuro, Prime Minister of Japan (died in 1951)
August 11th, 1870 (August 11 1870)BirthTom Richardson, English cricketer (died in 1912)
August 11th, 1870 (August 11 1870)BirthWalter Bowman, Canadian soccer player (d. ?)
August 11th, 1863 (August 11 1863)BirthGaston Doumergue, President of the French Third Republic (died in 1937)
August 11th, 1858 (August 11 1858)EventFirst ascent of the Eiger.
August 11th, 1858 (August 11 1858)BirthChristiaan Eijkman, Dutch physician, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1930)
August 11th, 1854 (August 11 1854)DeathMacedonio Melloni, Italian physicist (born in 1798)
August 11th, 1854 (August 11 1854)DeathSanto Trafficante, Sr., Sicilian-born American mobster (born in 1886)
August 11th, 1851 (August 11 1851)DeathLorenz Oken, German naturalist (born in 1779)
August 11th, 1837 (August 11 1837)BirthMarie Francois Sadi Carnot, French statesman (died in 1894)
August 11th, 1836 (August 11 1836)BirthWarren Brown, American politician (died in 1919)
August 11th, 1833 (August 11 1833)BirthRobert G. Ingersoll, American politician and soldier (died in 1899)Robert G. Ingersoll Quotes
August 11th, 1833 (August 11 1833)BirthKido Takayoshi, Japanese politician (died in 1877)
August 11th, 1813 (August 11 1813)DeathHenry James Pye, English poet (born in 1745)Henry James Quotes
August 11th, 1807 (August 11 1807)BirthDavid Rice Atchison, American politician (died in 1886)
August 11th, 1804 (August 11 1804)EventFrancis II assumed title of first Emperor of Austria
August 11th, 1794 (August 11 1794)BirthJames Barton Longacre, American engraver (died in 1869)
August 11th, 1786 (August 11 1786)EventCaptain Francis Light established the British colony of Penang in Malaysia
August 11th, 1778 (August 11 1778)BirthFriedrich Ludwig Jahn, German (Prussian) gymnastics educator and nationalist (died in 1852)
August 11th, 1774 (August 11 1774)DeathTiphaigne de la Roche, French writer (born in 1722)
August 11th, 1722 (August 11 1722)BirthRichard Brocklesby, English physician (died in 1797)
August 11th, 1718 (August 11 1718)BirthSir Frederick Haldimand, Swiss-born British colonial governor (died in 1791)
August 11th, 1673 (August 11 1673)BirthRichard Mead, English physician (died in 1754)
August 11th, 1667 (August 11 1667)BirthAnna Maria Luisa de Medici, last of the Medicis (died in 1743)
August 11th, 1656 (August 11 1656)DeathPrince Octavio Piccolomini, Duke of Amalfi, Austrian field marshal (born in 1599)
August 11th, 1614 (August 11 1614)DeathLavinia Fontana, Italian painter (born in 1552)
August 11th, 1596 (August 11 1596)DeathHamnet Shakespeare, son of William Shakespeare (born in 1585)William Shakespeare Quotes
August 11th, 1578 (August 11 1578)DeathPedro Nunes, Portuguese mathematician (born in 1502)
August 11th, 1563 (August 11 1563)DeathBartolome de Escobedo, Spanish composer (born in circa 1500)
August 11th, 1519 (August 11 1519)DeathJohann Tetzel, German opponent of the Reformation (born in 1465)
August 11th, 1494 (August 11 1494)DeathHans Memling, Flemish painter (born in circa 1430)
August 11th, 1467 (August 11 1467)BirthMary of York, English princess (died in 1482)
August 11th, 1464 (August 11 1464)DeathNicholas of Cusa, German philosopher and mathematician (born in 1401) Philo Quotes
August 11th, 1456 (August 11 1456)DeathJohn Hunyadi, regent of Hungary (born in 1387)
August 11th, 1253 (August 11 1253)DeathClare of Assisi, Italian follower of Francis of Assisi (born in 1194) Francis of Assisi Quotes
August 11th, 1204 (August 11 1204)DeathKing Guttorm of Norway (born in 1199)
August 11th, 0897 (August 11 0897)DeathWilfred the Hairy, Count of Barcelona
August 11th, 0480 (August 11 0480)EventGreco-Persian Wars: Battle of ArtemisiumThe Persians achieve a naval victory over the Greeks in an engagement fought near Artemisium, a promontory on the north coast of Euboea. The Greek fleet holds its own against the Persians in three days of fighting but withdraws southward when news comes of the defeat at Thermopylae.
August 11th, 0480 (August 11 0480)DeathLeonidas, King of Sparta (born in circa 540 BC)
August 11th, 0449 (August 11 0449)DeathFlavian, Patriarch of Constantinople
August 11th, 0355 (August 11 0355)EventClaudius Silvanus, accused of treason, proclaims himself Roman Emperor against Constantius II.
August 11th, 0353 (August 11 0353)DeathMagnentius, Roman usurper (born in 303)

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